Release: Transaction Broker v1.52.0
Scheduled for Mar 19, 01:00 - 02:00 PDT
Transaction Broker is being updated to improve performance, stability, and resolve inconsistencies in the API documentation.

Bug fixes
* Fixes an issue where the transaction type could be set to “Save Only” as part of a Confirm Amount workflow. Transaction Broker will now return an error when combining um_command: 'save' with confirm_amount: true.

Documentation updates
* The POST /transactions/adjust endpoint has been updated to ensure consistency when used, and to promote proper use of adjustments. This endpoint will add the new_tip amount to the original amount of the transaction, which is returned as the auth_amount in the response.
* Existing integrations are not affected by these changes. With new integrations, adjusts should only be used to add a tip to a transaction. Adjusting the balance independent of tipping and negative adjustments should not be performed.
* original_amount — This parameter is introduced as an alias of new_amount to better reflect the expected value. new_amount is still available on the endpoint.
* The description for the command parameter for POST /transactions/process/ach has been updated to reflect the allowed values.
* The receipt_ref_num was incorrectly shown as required on GET /transactions/receipt/render. The required indicator has been removed.

* Improves monitoring of the Transaction Broker API that checks the health status of additional endpoints.

The service is expected to remain available during the maintenance period.
Posted Mar 13, 2020 - 15:13 PDT
This scheduled maintenance affects: Gateway Production.